Basil Pesto


CT Basil pesto

Quick and easy, simple combination that packs out flavour! 


100 g               basil leaves

2 cloves          garlic

2 tbsp             roasted pine nuts

125 ml            extra virgin olive oil

125 ml            sunflower or peanut oil

50g                  grated Parmesan

                         Salt and pepper


  • Blanch the basil leaves – place in boiling water for 20 seconds and then plunge into ice-cold water
  • Remove the basil leaves and squeeze excess water out
  • Liquidise all ingredients until smooth
  • Adjust with the seasoning
  • Refrigerate and use when required

NB: The Blanching of the basil with set the green chlorophyll. The basil pesto will last up to 2 weeks with a vibrant green colour.