Pizza Dough

The quickest and easiest of recipes!


350g                  strong flour
1 teaspoon        salt
15g                     fresh yeast or 1 teaspoon easy blend
200ml              warm water
1 tablespoon   olive oil


If you are using fresh yeast, mix with a small amount of water ,then leave in a warm place until it foams .With easy blend, open the packet and mix with the warm water when you are ready to start. Sieve the flour and salt, add the oil and yeast mixture and combine. Sprinkle some flour on the work surface then knead to a smooth ball. Place in a bowl and cover with food wrap put the bowl somewhere warm until it doubles in size. When the dough has risen knead one more time

To cook

Turn your oven onto 220 degrees or gas mark 7,grease a baking tray, Roll the dough to your required shape place on the tray with any topping place in the oven till cooked