Irish Stew

Food good for the soul, any day of the week!


2 medium onions, sliced
50 g butter
2 sprigs thyme
3 bay leaves
2 kg best end of lamb neck, cut into large pieces
7 carrots, chopped lengthways into 2-inch pieces
6 baby onions, peeled and halved
2 tbsp pearl barley
5 cups Chicken Stock
1 bouquet garni (parsley, thyme, and bay leaf)
12 medium potatoes
1 bunch parsley, leaves finely chopped
Olive oil, for frying
Sea salt Freshly ground black pepper


  • Place a large heavy based saucepan over a medium to high heat
  • Add a dash of oil and the butter and allow the butter to foam
  • Add the onions and fry until translucent, then add the thyme, bay leave and then remove from the pan
  • Add another dahs of oil and brown the lamb on a high heat
  • Once all the lamb is browned, add back the onions, the add the carrots, baby onion halves and pearl barley
  • Pour in the Chicken Stock so that it almost covers the meat and vegetables. Season with salt and pepper, and add the Bouquet garni
  • Cover and cook on a low heat for 2 hours, being careful not to boil
  • Place the potatoes on top of the stew, cover and cook for 30 minutes until the meat is falling beautifully off the bones and the potatoes are fork tender.