Party with Tjaart

Welcome to Tjaart’s official page

Tjaart Walraven is a passionate chef, an entertainer, a consultant, an educator and a MC. He has most recently hosted the judge position in BBC’s Great South African Bake Off Season 1 & 2.

He’s got clients in London, Paris, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique. He gets to travel all over the world to create  social events and gastronomic drama. He tickles the senses and dreams up unspeakable delights in exotic and extravagant venues. He’s charming, flamboyant, innovative, musical and a maestro in the kitchen.

„I am passionate about my craft – I love to push the boundries of sensory infusion – all 5 and a touch of the sixth is on my menu.“

– Tjaart Walraven –