Peach and Parma Ham Canape

Seasonal and quality ingredients simply fused! 

Makes 12


3 peaches

6 slices Parma ham

12 basil leaves


  • Run a knife around the peach stone and split open the peach
  • Run the knife around the half that has the stone/pip, twist and remove the stone
  • Halve the other half of the peach
  • Carefully tear the Parma ham slices in half and fold in the sides to create uniform edge
  • Place the Parma ham slice on a board, lengthways away from you
  • Then place a piece of peach on top and roll the ham around the peach
  • Cover the end with a basil leaf and secure with a bamboo skewer or tooth pick
  • Repeat the process until complete
  • Drizzle with extra virgin oil and season just before serving