Swiss Cheese Fondu

My ultimate cheese haven for indulgence!

1                       garlic clove
3 tbsp              corn-starch
3 tbsp              Kirsch
300 ml            dry white wine
300 g               Gruyere cheese, grated
300 g               Vacherin cheese, grated

To serve

Silver onions
Chilli powder

A crusty bread loaf, cut into chunks – plain white or brown



  • Take a clove of garlic, peel it, halve it and rub the cut faces around the inside of the pot you are going to use

NB: The actual name (French) for this pot is a Caquelon – Cack-er-lon

  • Your choice as to whether or not to leave the remnant garlic halves in the pot (I do!).
  • Create a slurry of corn-starch (Maizena) and Kirsch (or a brandy or eau de vie or grappa made from cherries) in a mixing bowl
  • Pour in the wine, and heat up the Caquelon or the pot you are using.
  • When the wine is almost bubbling, then lower the temperature and stir in the slurry (this helps keep the cheeses from separating).
  • Add in all of the Gruyere cheese
  • Stir continually until melted

NB: Some add in some lemon juice here, to help cut through the fat

  • Then add in Vacherin cheese, and stir continuously, while it melts in
  • On the table, have a tea light/ gas burner/ petro jelly burner under a stand, and transfer the Caquelon/ pot to stand over it – the fondue should really not be bubbling furiously, just the odd gentle burp or two
  • Have on the table bowls of bread chunks silver onions, gherkins, chilli powder and paprika

NB: The chunks are best if they have a bit of crust on them

  • Use long-handled forks to spear a bread chunk (the crust helps them stay on the fork) and then (gently) swirl around in the fondue.
  • Lift out, dip (if you want) in the paprika or chilli powder and eat
  • Let drips of cheese drop onto the pickles on your plate

NB: When the fondue gets down to the bottom of the Caquelon/ pot, you can then break an egg into it, stir vigorously and have a lovely cheesy scrambled egg with the remnants

NB: You can also have a bowl of Kirsch on the table and dip the bread into that before dipping your bread into the Caquelon/ pot