Yoghurt and Berry Lollies

Yoghurt and Berry Lollies

A healthier indulgence with all the textures!

Makes 4 (depending on size of your moulds)


100 g              raspberries/ blackberries/ blueberries
25 g                caster sugar
250 g              full cream yoghurt
½ cup            muesli


  • In a mixing bowl add the berries of choice and the sugar
  • Using a fork, smash the berries up, but keeping a coarse texture
  • ¼ fill your ice-lolly moulds with the yoghurt
  • Then add a teaspoonful of the berries to each of the moulds and a teaspoonful of the muesli
  • Tap the moulds on the surface to remove any air pockets
  • Fill all the way and repeat with the berries
  • Finish off with a generous amount of muesli, tapping the moulds on the surface
  • Freeze for a minimum of 3 hours
  • To remove the lollies, place the moulds into a bowl of hot water for5 seconds.